Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am so sorry to be boring again, but I am reorganizing another closet today. We installed 3-20" deep shelves in my sewing room closet. My husband cleaned the carpet, so I can't yet put everything away. But I have made a start. The bolts of fabric and fleece, and batting I had on the floor are now on a shelf. There is room on the floor for 4 very large plastic boxes, holding fabric sample books, or other genres of fabric.
I have 2-12" deep shelves above for plastic shoeboxes holding trims, zippers, and other bits. My 2 sewing tables are piled high with fabric bundles of unfinished projects, soon to be put away. Some of the sweater size boxes full of sparkle tulle, lame, dazzle fabrics, and sheers will be put away soon too. I hope to have the floor clear! No more stacks. Wish I could count this as a finished artwork.

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