Saturday, February 18, 2012

Almost there...

Another room nearly done! I just finished the bed skirt for the guest room. I intended to staple it to the box springs, since I hate the way skirts slide around. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the box springs is all metal! No stapling. So, I sewed it on. My fingers are sore tonight.
I went out to get matching fabric for curtains. I have just enough to make them, if I use spring clips on top, and hem them by sewing the lining on, and turning right side out. There is not an inch to spare. One piece is 60+3/4" long, the other is 72". If I don't mind the look of an added piece, I can cut a bit from the long one and add it to the shorter, which will barely be long enough as is. The old curtains are 60+ 1/2" long.
My brain is tired, so I'll think about it tomorrow.
In the meantime, we painted the dining room today. I should say my dear sweetie did.  And he cleaned the carpet, in guest room and dining room. It will be dry in the morning, and ready to reassemble. Right now, I have 2 bookshelves, all my beads, (15 boxes!) 6 chairs, 2 plants, 3 lamps,  the drapes, 2 large pictures, a clock, and numerous treasures strewn around the living room.
And I did some more work on the dresser I am painting for my granddaughter. I thought I was done, but tomorrow I must add fairies to the top and front. I showed her pictures, and got the request.

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