Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home maintenance

We are having our kitchen/laundry floor replaced with hardwood, a very long overdue necessity. It looks fabulous already. But I can't work in the resulting disarray. The refrigerator is next to the front door, the washer is in the family room, everything from the laundry room and closet and pantry is in the living and dining rooms. My little old dog needs to sit on my lap, he is blind and fearful of the noise. And he can't navigate anywhere, all his normal paths are blocked.
So I am playing on Pinterest, reading magazines, making phone calls, and providing a lap for him to make his nest. I expect to be moving everything back into place late today, and able to make something tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

2 comments: said... are so sweet to Buddy!

Leslie Banks said...

I love Pinterest! Poor Buddy! That is very stressful when their every day routines are messed up.