Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painting this time!

In the never ending saga of cleaning out my house, in which we have lived for 21 years, we have entered the painting phase. The guest bedroom, formerly known as sons' room, is getting a face lift. It will change from medium sage green, to pale lime sherbet. If you added a bunch of white to lime sherbet.
There is only 1 small window, and I expect the room will be much lighter with this color. I am also making a new bedskirt, in a grass green and cream vine print. All the queen size quilts I have will look nice with this fabric, I hope. Green is a neutral color, and most of my quilts have flowers in them, so it works. And I hope to do a window treatment too.
 Next week the room will house a good friend as first guest sleeper in the new decor. Maybe I should make her a sash, like Miss America wears....Miss First Guest!!!

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Miss First Guest will love the fresh, springtime decor!