Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Running with Scissors

 Running With Scissors invited me to teach a Folk Art Quilt class on Sunday. Our theme was Secret Life. We had 16 people, all working hard and playing with their stashes of fabric.
 They were portraying a Secret Life, a fantasy vision of a possibly different reality.
 Some people chose to show a personal story.
 Others made a memory quilt, ( of the time when she was a Viking!)
 They were colorful.
 And imaginative.
 There were animals...
 some of them studying to be professors.
 Others were just showing off their cute personalities.
 Some people showed a personal dream of success.
 Others were mind readers, showing the dreams of their pets.
 Great artists of the past were inspirational.
 Symbolism came into play with a couple quilts.
 Admiration of other cultures made a good subject.
 Communication between species was a theme of one or more.
And it was an opportunity to play with new styles.
I have unfortunately missed a picture of one quilt which depicted an ideal dream of the future. Maybe if Mary sees this, she can send me one??
We had a good time.


Took said...

Wonderful photos -- I had such a GREAT time!

Thank You, Kat!

Leann said...

What a blast, thank you, Kat!

Jane said...

I had such fun! Thank you.

debkolar.com said...

I love your descriptions! The class was really great!