Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleaning Closets

I am still hard at work, cleaning and organizing my house. Today we put up 2-20" deep shelves and 1-12" deep, in the guest room closet. The last regular resident there, my son, still has a bunch of junk here. I am making a few executive decisions about it, and donating things to charity. But old electronics are foreign to me, so I have no idea what is valuable. Most of it is trash worthy I'm sure. I still have 2 large boxes of junk in there, and a top shelf full. And the bed is piled with teenage and college age boy stuff. At what age is paintball unlikely to be played again? Does a black suede vest have any value, other than nostalgia?
The closet has been stuffed with piles of my finished art quilts. They usually fall out when the door is opened. Now they lay in neat stacks, organized by type and size, yay. Somehow the room feels bigger ;^)
p.s. I found 6 quilts that need binding :^(

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debkolar.com said...

I was cleaning up my studio last evening, and watching "Hoarders"...the perceived connection was scary!

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