Friday, January 27, 2012

I am not a Slug

 Lest you think I'm a slug, I decided to post some of the things I've made recently. This is 11 pieces of silk, that I marbleized in a class at 212 Arts. That makes 42.
 These little pictures are for the 212 Fiberartists color challenge. The 8 paint chips, plus cream, were to be used in an 8" by 10" fiber piece. Two colors were to be chosen for 70% and 30% in area of the piece. The remaining colors were to be used so each color was not more than 10% in area of the total.
 They will hang at My Favorite Cafe, for March and April, at the 212 Fiberarts Show.
That makes 44.
 This is a piece I am working on for Running With Scissors art quilt group. We are challenged to make the picture, actual size, in the 4 parts it is divided. The method is up to the artist. Mine is appliqued, some will be painted, etc. Then we will keep one part, and trade the other 3 parts with other artists, to make a whole. My 4 parts are basted together, for the picture. The tree and leaves will be couched on.

This is the latest Affirmation quilt. Another gray haired
little girl, happily leaping. It will say
Give Your Heart Away, and be embellished
with sequins and stitches. This is number 46 for the year.

4 comments: said...

I was starting to wonder about you! The photos don't do justice....

jackie said...

I've never heard that expression - but I clearly see you are no slug!
Best wishes, Jackie

Leann said...

Yes, we were very worried you were turning into a slug.

Leann said...

Yes, we were very worried you were turning into a slug. Maybe that's your secret life!

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