Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not yet ready for pictures, but I am doing major clearing out of junk, and cleaning. The last 3 boxes I put under the basement stairs when we moved in, 20 years ago, are now gone. I was saving ceramic molds that my kids enjoyed making when they were little, and decided I'd never use them again. My daughter did take a few to do with her kids, but the rest are gone. My glass studio will be sparkling, and organized, at last.
I came across a stash of alphabet blocks that I made into ornaments 25 years ago. They are ready for deconstruction, and remaking into very cool people, like Holly Kreag will be teaching at 212 Arts. Also found a whole pack of friendly plastic, which might be good wings, arms, or other parts. And I have a good size jar of assorted mixed media embellishments, ready to use.
It's surprising how little trash has been tossed out. Most of my mess is just disorganization, not useless junk. I have emptied a bunch of boxes, and relocated stuff to plastic bins, so I can see what I have. The craft books I put aside to save 20 years ago, are soon to be donated. The bags of colored sands went to my art teacher daughter, Jen. I had ink pads in 3 boxes, now 2. Photos in 3 boxes, now 2. And the clutter of empty jars is now in milk crates, instead of tripping me.
My son moved out at 18, and is now 29. He has a dozen boxes in my basement still. Since he has moved a dozen times, I haven't insisted he take them, yet. But I will put them in a closet, away from my sight. And my daughter in California has 3 boxes, which I am still housing. She throws out a few things each time she visits.
It's my own choice to keep a bunch of toys. My grandkids have played with them all, at one age or another. I can probably thin them out, again. There were 5 big boxes, cut to 3 the last time I cleaned. And I have 2 big buckets of Legos, which I will keep forever.
But I admit, most of the stuff is now mine. I've heard that the more you own, the more it owns you. I feel this is true. Possessions weigh you down. I am feeling my wings lately, and want to use them. I don't want to fly away, but to feel light again.

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