Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our basement has had a small flood this week. The water heater valve sprung a leak. While that is easily fixed, the tiny unnoticed spray of water swamped the carpet in an adjacent room. That's the room all my paper arts supplies are stored.
Only 1 shelving unit had to be unloaded and moved, and all my things were off the floor anyway. But the wet carpet and resulting humidity may cause mold. We frantically sucked up water with the carpet cleaner, and got at least 15 gallons up that way.There are 2 fans running, and a dehumidifier, which has pulled another 5 or 6 gallons from the air since last night. And there is a fan running in the room with the water heater too.
Mind you, a tiny stream of water, like a pinhole in a balloon was all that caused this. It must have been spraying since at least last Thursday, when I thought I heard the sump running.
And that brings me to this picture. All is disarranged down there now. I have been trying to find a sketch of boots to show a friend. I made the sketch when Karen was in college, and I went with her to drawing class. I've kept it, because I don't expect to ever make such a fine sketch again. It isn't very good, but my best. Digging through the piles I can reach did not show it. But I found this.
This is a tracing of my granddaughter, Mary, at 8 months old. I wanted to make her some sunsuits, and needed her size. I call this her Dance Fever pose. There you go, Jackie, the best I can find.


jackie said...

That was quite some effort in the circumstances - but at least you found a nice memory in the process.

Leann said...

I am having great trouble finding things here, too. I will keep an eye out for your sketch of boots here if you keep an eye out for a journal I've lost. I figure these things wander much farther than we imagine.

Anonymous said...

You have sketchbooks full of fine sketches!

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