Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It seems I have a few free days to work on projects. I want to make some journals (again), using lovely scrapbooking paper for the pages. I have a book of 2 sided paper that I would so enjoy using. I pulled out the boxes of stuff I'll need. It took 2 trips up the steps with heavy loads.
While looking for things I came across some journals I made several years ago, and am delighted I still like them. And I have ideas to use in the new books. And speaking of books, I also got out 3 books on art journals, which have resided in my collection for a few years. I really don't remember what's in them, so this will be like having new books! Yahoo!
The new journals will be less scrappy looking than the last few I made. I hope.
 So that you don't get bored, I am including pix of some things I made too.
This is a weaving on a cardboard loom. It's almost done. I have to learn how to take it off this loom soon.

These are fused glass dishes. I am teaching a class at 212 Arts to make them this Fall. They are about 3+1/2" - 4".
 This is a fabric bracelet. These are very fun to make. And they are easy. This is also a class this Fall at 212 Arts. Every one is unique. You can make many different styles.

And I have some time to finish an art quilt for the Above and Below show, which will be hung for the months of September and October at Two Twelve Arts Center. Please think positive thoughts, and send them my way. This is the project I have brain freeze on. I have made several false starts. Now, with a new perspective, from my daughter Jen, I will try once again.

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