Friday, August 17, 2012

My sister and her husband are moving. She sold her house in 5 days! And they held a monster sale and unloaded 75% of their furnishings. She'll be renting until they buy a home in Florida. While I am very happy for them, I'll miss them a lot. They lived 5 hours away by car. Not close, but easily drivable. Now they'll be an overnight drive away.
Talking with her has reminded me of all the things I own, and do not need. The last few years, I've tried to clear away a lot of my accumulations. When my basement got rain in the windows a year ago, I cleared out 20 boxes of things from the basement. And having a studio tour here this Spring made me get rid of  some more. I have given a lot of the usable things to charity, and passed on some art stuff to other artists.
But we all have collected way more than is reasonable. And I, more than most. On the desktop I'm using now, there is only space for the computer, the rest is stacks. I am setting myself a goal of refining the desk piles I have, reducing it to only beautiful, useful, or things that make me smile. Right now I have things that belonged to my sister that passed away 2 years ago, sorted into piles to send to family members, all around this room. None is valuable, except for memory. I will use September to send off these stacks. There are 6 stacks. It's a beginning.

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Kathy said...

It seems that no matter how much we try to clear away and de-clutter, more and more things fill up our spaces. Good luck with your journey of non-accumulation!

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