Friday, November 18, 2011

 This is the first of a new series of pictures. I call it Collections. I have been collecting buttons for many years. Today I did some sorting, and took pictures. I will show you a very small part of my collection of buttons. I keep them out, on the tables and shelves, so all can appreciate their candy-like quality. I encourage people to run their fingers through the buttons, as we visit and chat. I like to have them handy, in case an embellishment opportunity arises.
If tires came in all colors, I would want to get them all. It's the colors I collect. In future pictures, I'll show you my colored pencils, markers, crayons, fabrics, bead boxes, and who knows what else. None of them has value, but for the visual delight I take from the colors.

So this is Bowls of Buttons.
 This is Blue Buttons.
 This is Jars of Buttons.
I hope you enjoy them.


debkolar said...

Wonderful photos Kat! I love your idea and look forward to more still lifes. The Blue Buttons is especially nice with the mosaic underneath. Oh how I wish tires came in colors too. Hmmmm...I'll take a silver and black car with RED tires and interior!

Leann said...

I do enjoy them. Thank you. I will remember to wear pockets when I'm visiting you.

Jean Canavan said...

I love buttons, too! and beads, and crayons! Nice photos! Makes me want to paint buttons! (a painting of buttons, not the buttons themselves!)

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