Sunday, November 20, 2011

This is a small group of my sewing room gods, the Guadalupe's. Right now these lovely ladies are residing in the office, until I discover space in my sewing room. My other sewing room gods are small enough to fit on a windowsill, but these are a bit bigger. I love the image of The Lady of Guadalupe, because she seems to radiate power. I think a woman who shines with lightning is a good role model. She has a couple friends here, including Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which is always good to have, and a doll made by a Navaho artist in Albuquerque. And I have two St. Michael, the Dragonslayer statues, just in case. The painted panels were done by my daughter Karen, and me. And there is a doll on a stick behind them all.
I was told by a friend last night, that my home is a feast of color.  That makes me very happy.


debkolar said...

Yes, she is your color palette!

Leann said...

Your collections are all very inspiring, these are amazing!

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