Thursday, September 15, 2011

 Yesterday I had an art day. My friend Kathy came over, and we painted fabric. The first thing I did was make a face stencil.
 I painted some faces with my stencil. It looked pretty good, so I filled this cloth. All the fabric I used was stuff I hand dyed in the past. This one may be a whole cloth quilt.
 Not sure what I wanted to do next, I made plus and minus signs and curls on this dotted piece. I think I'll probably cut strips from it.
 The stamping and squares here were started at an art getaway a couple summers ago. I added the bottom rows, and did a little more painting.
 More curls, another face, and I'm getting in the groove.

The last thing I did was paint a pear. I saw a picture in a book that I liked, and wanted to make a pear like it. I have a long way to go to feel skilled at painting. But this was a very fun day. This makes 168 pieces this year.

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