Sunday, February 27, 2011

These are Baguettes. It means a diamond, or a loaf of bread.

I just got home from the Baguettes winter getaway. We had a great time, and filled the house with our stuff, and laughter. Nan brought a chenille baby quilt she made, to show us. And her stitched picture of her nephew and baby, which is incredible.

Babe made a beautiful felt pillow, and Sarah made 3 of her own.

Nan pieced squares and triangles. Deb made a huge pile of baby quilts.

Julie made a journal cover, as did I. I made 3 rooster quilt tops, painted a collage, and made little folders. So did Julie, and Babe.

We took about 2 tons of stuff to do, ate a lot of chocolate, read 2 stories, and laughed.

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