Friday, August 27, 2010

Another bunch of my journal pictures. Remember, I am learning to draw. These are mostly gesture, or contour drawings. They are done while not looking at the paper, only the subject. I diverged a bit with the 1950s outer space woman, and Birthday tart. Karen was the Birthday Tart at the Flying Pickles Getaway. I will leave it to you to decide if I am learning. But I am really enjoying drawing. And I think they have captured a bit of the person somehow.

This is my piece for the Art Salad Challenge. We had 6 items and 5 had to be included. They were, a piece or 2 of yarn, a sheer ribbon, a button, a batik fabric, an onion or potato bag, and a peacock ribbon. I left out the peacock ribbon. I will post the other entries soon.
I spent the day yesterday getting ready for 2 upcoming events. This weekend the Breaking Traditions show, Home, will be hung at Two Twelve Arts. There is a fundraiser for an animal shelter, A Place to Bark, going on with the show. Small kits will be available to make an art project, and I know you'll want to do one.
Along with it, a Mosaic Show will be on display upstairs. Three artists, one who taught the other two, will show 20 pieces of mosaic art. The pieces range from sophisticated and beautiful, to naive and charming. I hope you'll take a look, starting next week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three samples for the Door Doodads class, begins Sept. 8. I may make another leaf bunch ot two, and make these a wreath. The cat comes out of the pocket, so it can be used all Autumn. Numbers 203, 204, 205.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is a piece of cloth I painted and stamped at the Pickles getaway. I dyed it last year. 202. I didn't count any of my drawings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

We ended the weekend by making art dolls. And we had a picture taken with the art spirit of the north woods. And I slept 10 hours when we got home.

We had a good time dyeing. It took most of the day. I came away quite colorful.

On Saturday, we dyed muslin and cheesecloth.

Deb was an overachiever, and made a quilt for her grandson. Started and finished this weekend.
Watercolor on paper was followed by painting and stamping on fabric, with a variety of paints and techniques.

We began by getting ideas, and doing handwork. Then we did a bit of watercolor painting.

We entered the magic doorway, to a world of art fun.
This group is The Flying Pickles. We had an art getaway this weekend.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My colored pencil experiments may lead to quilts in the future. I hope they will make me a better artist, since I think one must be able to draw to depict things in artworks. Maybe. I am not convinced Chagall and Picasso agreed. And Chagall is my favorite artist. His dreams are haunting. And I found my missing pine green and orange pencils, I am so relieved to have them back.
You have to scroll to the bottom of todays' posts to follow the story.
Finally caving in to my self imposed pressure, I did a gesture drawing of Rick. I looked only at his face while drawing, and added his neck and shoulders after, when I colored him. I like the way he looks, sort of imaginary.
This chapter is Faces. In kind of retaliation for having to try hard, I drew a paisley person.

This is similar in style to a lady I saw in a magazine. I like caricatures, they seem so much easier than portraits.
And I drew birds that eat produce.
Then I drew a quilt from Quilting Arts magazine, sort of.
I returned to produce, in reaction to my experiment.
Leann suggested I draw while only looking at an object. So I tried my foot, and mostly looked at it. Then I had to fix it, a lot.

Uh oh, a mystery plant snuck in.
Continuing the Potpourri chapter in my journal, this is a rainbow trout.
Orange Hibiscus Tree, 201.
Beach Peas and Roses, 200. Hope to get this quilted before next Wednesday, so I can show the Evening Star Quilters.
Sunflower mosaic mirror, 199.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I finished my Art Salad challenge piece today, but I can't show you until the end of August. So, I'm showing my drawing journal instead. I decided to practice drawing, since it isn't something I do well. The first chapter is Mystery Fruit, shaped like a pear, with strange seeds inside.
This is what I do when I don't feel like doing anything. My inspiration is Leannderthal,(this is a link) a friend artist.

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